Monday, April 18, 2005

Received an email at the weekend with details of a website that purports to help you make up your mind how to vote at the General Election. Answer a series of questions and you will be advised to vote for either Labour, The Conservatives, Liberal Democrats or (FFS) UKIP or Green Party.
Completed questionnaire and of course returned a resounding and not unexpected answer of Labour. Unfortunately when I sent details to Tony the software seemed to have malfunctioned. No matter how many times he tried to submit his answers it kept giving the same response: that he should vote Conservative. New technology not to be trusted and have fired off rather colourful email to owners of site telling them so.
While waiting to be fixed have devised my own much simpler test to help you decide what to do on May 5th. Just answer the following question and record your result on a piece of paper. (Cannot do clever tick box bollocks.) Then scroll down to find out who you should vote for.

Who do you think should lead Britain for a historic 3rd term in the next parliament?

a) Tony Blair
b) Michael Howard – a man with a Shadow cabinet, but interestingly, no shadow
c) Charles Kennedy – a tired and emotional new father who’s prepared to steal money from his money from his own baby
d) Some faceless, nameless fascist you have never heard of
e) Some faceless, nameless tree-hugger you have never heard of

If you answered a you should vote for Labour
If you answered b, c, d or e you should stay at home and not vote at all.

Alright – just a little joke – would not want to be accused of dirty tricks campaign.