Monday, April 11, 2005

After the Blackberry malarkey though I better show willing and make use of all this new technology. Sent email to Labour activists to remind them what a load of crap the Tory manifesto is. Read as follows:

"The Tory manifesto, the thinnest in history, confirms that the Tories intend to fight a totally negative, small bore campaign focusing on a series of negative messages and without even an attempt to put a positive vision for the future.

The Labour Party can still take nothing for granted,The Tories have a lot more money than we do. They have several newspapers led by the vile (interestingly an anagram of evil) Daily Mail willing to pour out free pro-Howard propaganda and ridiculous anti-Labour bile for them."

Are you thinking what we’re thinking? That they’re a washed up party with a washed up leader? Course you bloody are.