Thursday, April 21, 2005

Great to see Tony taking my advice and trying to give Jeremy Paxman as good as he gets.
As you’ve probably seen the Tony we’re portraying this time is very different from the fresh-faced “Things Can Only Get Better” Tony from yesteryear. Trying to make him seem more experienced and mature. For a start his hair is going forward, not back!! (Don’t worry – Tony is used to me humiliating him. There was the time in Northern Ireland when I wanted him in bed and stopped him and his entourage going for a quick drink in the pub and then kept them all awake by playing the bagpipes. Or indeed in front of Paxman with the whole issue of Afghanistan’s poppy fields. Still did a better job of stats than CK. Then at least the BBC were on side and had the good grace to put most of the interview on the cutting room floor.)

Talking of sides, my good friend Rebekah Wade has finally done her stuff and come out in support of Tony.
Excellent journalism!! In touch with the people by pretending to sit on the fence till the last minute and then declaring allegiance to Labour just in the nick of time. Howard – you’ve had it sunshine!! Owe Rebekah a nice lunch.