Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Wish Piers Morgan would do us all a favour and just fuck off. Do people not remember why he got the boot? In the self publicising crap he writes for the Evening Standard he gloats over the fact that his drivel is at No 1 in the Amazon bestseller list whereas Peter Oborne’s biography of the great (thanks!) me is at 11,535. Hardly comparable is it you prat? His is a new edition, has had loads of fucking publicity thanks to the hypocritical Associated Newspapers, not cobbled together from a previous book and, I expect, half intelligent people are actually waiting for the authorised version of mine anyway.
God knows why the money grabbing ES let him take their “valuable” space when he could pay for a fucking advert. Like MH did last night I notice. Desperation?

Talking of God will be interesting to see what today’s papers make of Tony’s meeting with Faithspeak yesterday. No doubt my “we don’t do God” remark will be quoted ad nauseam.