Friday, March 18, 2005

I have two words to say about last nights “The Government Inspector” – bollocks.
What a load of crap. Only good point I suppose was that I had the first word.

Apart from that it was nonsense. Would like to make it clear that I do not speak in that wanky middle class accent and Tony has never played the guitar over the phone to me. Was also not happy that they made me out to have lost the plot. In fact cannot actually be bothered to waste time to write about it any more.

And although they tried to make Dr Kelly out to be some saintly Indiana Jones type character I thought he had more of a look of Harold Shipman about him. Wish people would get their stupid heads round the fact that the world is a better place without the likes of Saddam Hussein.

Fiona did not watch it – she was at a governors meeting. Dealers are selling drugs outside Gospel Oak Primary School’s gates.