Thursday, April 07, 2005

Could really have done without all the bloody fuss this weekend. However, will be good publicity for Tony to be seen with all the world’s leaders at the Pope’s funeral doing what he does best. Pictures are bound to be of him and Cherie with George rather than MD, CK or any of the other European idiots. Remind people how important he is.

Then back for the wedding which turns into more and more of a farce. Couldn’t help but laugh when I read about the Sun’s bomb stunt!! God knows why we need a Royal family anyway. Certainly not when we have great leaders like Tony. And Fiona and I have been perfectly happy without the need for marriage. Can’t understand why they asked for my advice and then didn’t take it. Maybe they wouldn’t have ended up in this mess that they’re in now.

Will spend a couple of days getting my head together for when the real hard work starts next week. Tony has a lot of local radio interviews lined up and I need to get him some bloody good sound bites. Sick of the press giving the fucking Tories decent headlines.